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We work and partner with businesses and enterprises globally, across industries to craft innovative solutions that help companies embrace digital transformation.


We have provided and built augmented intelligence, VR and AR solutions for some of the largest multinational companies in the world. Our unrivaled quality and physically accurate simulations have seen us develop groundbreaking solutions for industrial giants such as Glencore and Anglo American.


We have built technologies for the commercial and out of home entertainment sectors that are industry leading. Method Unknown is one of two companies globally to build a broadcast AR solution for out of home entertainment.


We have formed close relationships with local and international educational institutes as we see great potential to fundamentally change the way learners consume and interact with learning material. Our passion for improving education has driven us to create a world’s first augmented learning platform.


Method Unknown is extremely passionate about the art world as we are aware of the fact that historically speaking, the creative industry has influenced the direction of technological advancement. We have built Africa’s first ever virtual reality fine art exhibition by working closely with some of South Africa’s most celebrated visual artists. We continue to develop amazing work in the art space with art museums and various galleries around the country.  

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