Below you will find some of Method Unknown's unique products and intellectual property.  We have many products currently in development and will release more information about them in the coming weeks.


leARn is an education platform that enhances the learning experience through digital augmentation. The platform is applicable to all levels of education ranging from preschool to tertiary institutions. We developed a platform using a custom bridge between native code and game engine development, delivering high end 3D experiences with photo-realistic graphics all in the same app. This enabled us to use the various strengths of the two technologies in one user experience with optimal battery use.  Data management features are built into the solution.     

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App Screenshots

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IAS short for Intelligence Augmentation Systems is a product developed by Method Unknown and its partners. The system is able to extract and consolidate big data and then use that data contextually in the physical world. We are able to dynamically link an entire operation and it's real-time data streams with objects/equipment/machines/vehicles etc that exists in the real world. Using a mobile device or head mounted augmented reality display, users are able to view and interact with all the digital information as a layer in augmented reality.



Our Broadcast AR solution is world class. Incorporating a 3D rig that can be handed over to any traditional animation studio, the system is able to produce hyper realistic content which rivals that of a blockbuster film. The system can perform a real-time grade on pre-rendered footage using ambient light estimation. We have created a tool for artists to express themselves, by using methods that they are familiar with but a delivery that is out of this world.


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